Si, Moi


I believed I could break the depth the immensity
By my grief naked without contact without echo
I lay in my prison with virgin doors
Like a sensible dead man who was able to die (…)

I went without end towards the light
Life had a body, hope spread out its sail
Sleep streamed with dreams and the night
Promised the dawn trusting eyes (…)

Paul Éluard, “Death, Love, Life”

In May 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the first image of this series, taken in June 2010, I initiated an ardous project of self awareness: taking a self portrait on every anniversary of this date.

The image appears naked, fragile, before a rough landscape that remains the same througout the series and which evokes Mother Nature, solid and universal, lasting in time, but also being a place of rebirth.


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